Meet Your Photographer

I’m Cassie and I love making ladies and sometimes Gents 😉 feel gorgeous, sexy and confident!

I adore working with ladies of all shapes and sizes and creating beautiful images to give to your spouse or yourself for any occassion! I am a fun loving, funny, quirky babe who loves my kitties and my hubby Frankie. I am a born and raised NEO girl and love my CLE! I’m a down to earth lady who thinks every woman deserves to love herself for exactly who she is and I am here to show every lady I can that she is gorgeous, sexy and amazing! I am all about body positivity and self-love!

Founded in 2016 Blush Bloom Boudoir was born of my passion for making ladies of every shape and size feel beautiful and my determination to follow my dreams and be a kick ass business owning boss babe! Photography is something I fell in love with during a pretty difficult time in my life. I was on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant that would save my life when I picked up my love for expressing myself through photographs. 

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Our Mission

At Blush Bloom Boudoir we empower all women to embrace their individual beauty and celebrate their femininity. We believe that beautiful is not defined by a size, shape, or age.

Every single woman out there is unbelievably sexy because sexy is a feeling that comes from within you.

We know every woman deserves to love herself for exactly who she is and be passionate about her self love without holding back.

We want to show every woman how gorgeous she is and bring out her confidence so that she can see it and believe it for herself.

Self-Love is a revolution that is so worth the journey and Blush Bloom Boudoir uses every day as an opportunity to spread body positivity and help women change the way they see themselves.