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As a boudoir photographer I spend so much time lifting up so many amazing ladies, listening to their stories, seeing their eyes light up when they see their pictures for the first time, enjoying their transformations from shy scared blossoms to fully bloomed confident goddesses and so much more.

But with all those amazing parts of my job there are also the times when I hear so many ladies tell me the reasons they absolutely positively CANNOT DO a boudoir session and I’m here to chat with you a bit about why you definitely positively absolutely SHOULD NOT book a boudoir session for yourself.


Reason Number 1 you definitely positively should not book a boudoir session is because of course as women we don’t hear on a day to day basis that our bodies are not good enough and we for sure shouldn’t do whatever we can to learn to love and appreciate the perfect skin we are already in just the way it is.

Just kidding! Let’s be honest society spends every waking minute of every day telling us how our bodies are not good enough to fit in their pre-labeled boxes. No matter what size, shape, color, or weight we are our bodies are never good enough for them. So most women assume that there is just no way they can love and accept their body the way it is and it is one of the number one reasons women give themselves for not booking their sessions.

But me, I think it’s the number 1 reason you absolutely SHOULD book your session! Because you deserve to love every single inch of the skin you are in and appreciate your body for all it has done for you and all you have been through together. You body is already beautiful and it’s time for you to squash the doubt, see yourself through another’s eyes and embrace your unique beauty! 

Reason Number 2 you definitely 100% SHOULD NOT book a boudoir session is because you have nothing to wear.

Lingerie is as we all know really hard to shop for and I mean who enjoys going to a store and trying on a million things that don’t fit then leaving crying. No one.

This one comes up a lot and as a plus size woman myself I have been through my fair share of trips to the lingerie store trying on everything on the shelves, working up a sweat trying to put on all these lingerie contraptions and then leaving empty handed with teary eyes feeling worse than when I went in. We’ve all been there and the choosing of, shopping for, and learning sizes of lingerie is an art in and of itself.

Which is exactly why I stock a closet of over 400+ pieces in sizes XS through 6X with endless colors, styles, shapes and materials. I know that lingerie shopping is THE WORST so I went ahead and put together a huge collection so that you can come in and meet with a lingerie expert and skip the lingerie store experience all together.

Booking a boudoir shoot is already hard enough and having to add the hassle of paying to cry in a fitting room hoping you find something to wear is the exact opposite of what you need so I solved that issue before it ever even came up. In the Blush Bloom studio you’ll find tons of options for things you’d love to wear to your session all you gotta do is let me help you pick your favorites 😉

Just a few of the options we have in the client closet 😉 We stock sizes XS-6X and every lady can find tons of awesome things to wear!

Reason Number 3 you definitely CANNOT do a boudoir session is because you don’t have the confidence and amazing confidence is definitely required for this type of thing right? 

NOPE AGAIN! I chat with so many ladies who truly do not have the confidence to do this and that right there is the exact reason I tell them to book the session and face their fears.

Boudoir sessions, contrary to popular belief, actually don’t require much confidence at all. In fact its the complete opposite. A boudoir session for a lady with low confidence is actually even more beneficial than it is to a lady with all the confidence in the world.

So if you are sitting here reading this thinking I can’t do it because I don’t have the confidence do yourself a favor and book your session. Once its over you’ll be filled with confidence and so glad you did this for yourself. You will see what the world sees in you and that is a beautiful, powerful, amazing woman. Through coaching, an uplifting experience and your images we will find that inner confidence and bring it out so that when you are done you’ll be sitting on the top of the world wishing you had done this years ago.

If confidence is your issue worry no more. Just take that leap and book the session and I’ll show you the confidence you have been missing all along.

Reason Number 4 you definitely positively SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT book a boudoir shoot is because you don’t have anyone to give it to.

I mean naturally we women should only pamper ourselves and give ourselves gifts when we have a partner who we are doing it for right??

Nah! Let’s be honest a boudoir session is SOO much more for you than it will ever be for any partner you could have. The experience of being pampered, empowered, uplifted and treated like a Goddess is definitely for you and at the end of your session you will be the one who walks away feeling on top of the world, like the most beautiful lady ever and like you could do absolutely anything you put your mind to! While I have never heard a single partner complain about having gorgeous images capturing the beauty of the one they love most, I have just as many ladies who do this for themselves. Because today’s world and their standards SUCK and a boudoir session is the perfect way to gift yourself the self love, self worth and confidence you deserve! Loving yourself isn’t a gift you give to someone else, it’s the gift you give to yourself because you deserve it and those who love you will love seeing you as the confident, self loving babe you deserve to be! 

Reason Number 5 you SHOULD NEVER book a session is because you aren’t sexy or don’t know how to be. Or maybe you’re a mom and society says you aren’t allowed to be.

This reason really gets me because let’s be honest society sucks and we as women have all been made to feel like not only are we not sexy but we don’t have the right to be unless its for the benefit or entertainment of someone else. I call BS on that. Every women and every body everywhere is sexy and every lady deserves to see and celebrate her sexuality. We were not put on the earth for the entertainment of others and its time we women take our sexuality back. Here in the Blush Bloom Boudoir studio we know every lady has a sexy side and we love to bring it out! If you are worried about how to pose, how to move your body or what to do with your facial expressions worry not because you will be coached through your entire session and babe you’ll be surprised what an amazing sexy goddess you are when you see her reflected back to you in your images. 

Reason Number 6 you should avoid booking a boudoir session at all costs is because everyone will see my photos! 

Well of course it makes sense that we would want to go ahead and show off your photos to everyone everywhere even if you don’t want us to right? No! Of course not!

This is all about you beautiful, which means you set the rules. We give all clients their absolute right to privacy. Now I can’t promise you’ll want to keep them hidden away once you see how amazing you are, but at the end of the day this is your body and your choice and you make the rules. After the reveal clients are given a permission slip which allows them to choose which photos can be shown and where or it is also used as the indicator that you’d like your photos kept completely private and in that case no one but our team and you will see them. We believe the choice of privacy is the number one most important thing when doing a boudoir session and we make sure your consent and privacy are always respected. If you were worried about who will see these worry not because we have you covered!

Reason Number 7 to never do a boudoir shoot for yourself is of course its just way too expensive and you’ll never be abler to afford it. 

This last one is one I hear a lot and of course it makes sense because we women shouldn’t be allowed to pamper ourselves or buy ourselves something nice for once right? I mean between the million things we buy and make for other people we definitely shouldn’t spend anything on ourselves every once in a while so of course we don’t deserve something an amazing as a boudoir session for ourselves right?.

Wrong! So wrong! We women do so much for everyone else in our lives but so very rarely do we do things for ourselves. Between buying things for the kids, for our partners, our family and friends we often let ourselves be forgotten. We make sure everyone has the newest iphone and that brand new video game they want while putting ourselves on the back burner and going without.

Knowing this is an issue for so many women Blush Bloom Boudoir offers multiple options for every woman to be able to afford all the images and artwork she loves. We have four various payment plan options that allow women to spread the investment out over time and make it more affordable meaning every lady can afford her dream session she just has to be willing to commit to treating herself and letting herself have the gift she deserves. Boudoir photography is absolutely an investment in yourself but these days everything is an investment and according to our clients this is one that is so worth it. So if money is what you are worried about don’t worry anymore because you  deserve to treat yourself and we made sure that there are options to help make that happen!


So beautiful! Now that we covered all these reasons NOT to book a boudoir session its time to decide why you should and take the plunge! You are so worth it. You deserve to see the amazing woman you are and our studio specializes in the perfect environment and experience to be able to do just that! We would love to help you on your self love journey and can’t wait to see you in the studio!

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