Hey there Blush Bloom Babe,

My name is Cassie

I founded Blush Bloom Boudoir to provide the backdrop for you to capture the truest essence of your journey and your unique beauty. My passion for guiding women to discover a deeper level of healing and self love began in 2016 after I was blessed to re-discover it for myself. At the age of 21 I found myself wondering if I would ever feel beautiful again while I waited endless years for a kidney transplant that would save my life. My body was experiencing such change everyday, and my confidence was unsteady at most times… 

But, I remained relentlessly focused on healing and living the life of my dreams. 

I learned how to love myself. I grew. I moved forward. I healed. 

Now, I help you heal.

I would love to meet you where you are so we can walk forward together, beautiful. 

You are not alone on this journey.


I learned that we can choose the “lens” through which we experience life.

I healed my body yes, but more than that I healed my heart. I learned that we can choose the “lens” through which we experience life. I fell in love with self-love. I began sharing the healing work of exploring self- love with every woman I met. What’s more, I found that I had the ability of capturing it through a camera lens in a way that no other woman can and a gift for bringing a clam presence and loving touch to the experience for every woman no matter where she was on her journey. From there, I mixed in the warrior-goddess spirit of entrepreneurship… and Blush Bloom Boudoir came to be!

In addition to all their gorgeous images, we provide each and every client with all the unique tools they need to take their journey to the next level and beyond. Your empowerment session is just the beginning of a beautiful journey and it is the absolute honor of my life to be able to plant seeds of self love in every woman so she can flower her life and the women around her with beauty. In the journey to self- love, empowerment and healing, we are truly all in this together.

Empowerment photography is my passion for life channeled into deeply personalized artwork. To date, I have had the honor of photographing women of every body shape and size; each shining in her own authentic beauty and confidence. Every client I work with has her own story and journey to self-love, and everyday I am so grateful that my clients choose me to guide them as they explore this extremely personal path. The photography I deliver portrays every soul as the living embodiment of beautiful artwork she is, and I leave a little piece of my heart in every photo.

If you feel the desire to lean into self-love, it would be my honor to help capture your beautiful commitment to yourself

You choose the lens of self-love. I’ll bring the camera.