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Ms. A | Ohio | Akron | Cleveland Boudoir

 “Hey You! Yeah You! You aren’t enough!” -Society

…we’ve all heard it, felt it and seen it and as women, we can’t help but get caught up in their net of negativity. It’s in our nature to care for others and in turn what they think of us so we let that affect our view of ourselves… but we don’t have to… we can make the choice to love ourselves no matter what anyone says. It all starts with changing our mindset and taking that first step! Here at our Cleveland Boudoir Studio, Self Love and Body Positivity are Life and choosing to love yourself is the first step!!

After three kids, I have lost a lot of the love I had for myself. 
It has become less about what others tell me when they say you are beautiful 
and more about how I don't feel those things anymore... -A

Babes… this beautiful momma of three isn’t alone in feeling this way. She has been conditioned to try and fit society’s standards of beauty for women when she was born to be herself! So we took the day to pamper her and show her how amazing she is and we knew she would love the results just as much as us! We love the transformation in A’s confidence and self-love and are so happy she has taken the first step on her journey! 

I couldn't believe I did that! It made me feel like a rock star. I looked so sexy that day!
I didn't know I'd be as good at it as I was which boosted my confidence tremendously!
DO IT. Its worth every second and every fear. -A

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Do you want gorgeous photos showcasing your individual beauty? Are you ready to celebrate yourself and start feeling the self-love?
You are so worth it babe.
We’d love to have you at our Cleveland Boudoir Studio! Learn more at the link below.
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