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Stories of body image and self-love from a Cleveland Boudoir Photographer who’s seen it all


“I lost 100 pounds but I don’t feel any better about myself. Even after losing all that weight I still hate my body”


How many times have you seen, heard, or felt this? So many women think the instant solution to all their body issues is to lose weight because a smaller size will absolutely make you feel better about yourself and give you instant self-love right?


I am here to tell you this is 100% false.

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Here are some statistics to help illustrate the problem we face as women in this weight-obsessed world.

-Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape.

-Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by Americans in the media.

-58% of college-aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight.

-More than 1/3 of the people who admit to “normal dieting,” will merge into pathological dieting. Roughly 1/4 of those will suffer from a partial or full-on eating disorder.

 These statistics show that we need to start realizing no matter what weight and shape you are you will never be happy with yourself until you work on the mental issues weighing you down and start choosing to love yourself and the body you are in right now.

Every woman we work with here in our Cleveland Boudoir Studio comes in with a negative perspective of her own body and the majority of women I don’t work with tell me they would do a session if they lost 20 pounds. From sizes 0 all the way to 32 women are unhappy with themselves and their bodies and every one of those women believe that the instant answer to their body struggles is to lose weight so they can match the standard of beauty they think will make them happy.

I am here to tell you that every woman, every size, every shape, and every weight, has body issues and as crazy as it may sound those issues have nothing to do with the amount of weight you carry on your body and everything to do with the weight of the issues you carry in your mind. Your body issues live in your mind and it’s your mindset that needs to lose a few pounds.

The naked truth is it doesn’t matter if you weigh 125 or 375 because we all have a skewed vision of ourselves and every time we look in the mirror all we see is our own opinion and not what’s really there.

I am here to tell you it doesn’t matter if you lose 25 pounds because you will still look at yourself and want to lose more. Society tells us the solution to all our problems is to lose weight and everyone says “once I am a size 0 all my problems will be gone and I will love myself” but your burdens are not carried in the number on the scale and no amount of pounds lost will solve all your body image problems.

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Here are some things to think about…
-The amount of weight you gain or lose will never stop you from seeing a distorted image of yourself
-Every woman at every weight has body image issues and
-There will always be body flaws you can focus on no matter how much you lose

So start today and change your thinking. Wake up every day and work to learn love yourself! Start by giving yourself a compliment each day and tell your inner mean girl to pipe down! Self-love takes dedication, determination and practice but babe you are so worth it!

You can do this and you absolutely deserve all the self love in the world. Start today and challenge yourself to some self love exercises! Don’t give up and don’t give in to that inner mean girl who wants to weigh you down. Give her the boot and remember what she says means nothing! You are a beautiful, strong, amazing woman who can do absolutely anything you put your mind to and if you have lost that woman somewhere beneath the inner mean girl it’s time to pull her back to the surface!

You have to CHOOSE to love your body the way it is because your opinion of yourself has very little to do with the way your body looks and everything to do with the way YOU look at your body.

Lots of love to all the beautiful ladies out there <3

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If you are sitting here reading this and thinking to yourself wow I really wish I could see my own beauty and start loving myself then you are in the right place! Every day I work with all shapes and sizes of women who have no idea how truly beautiful they are and I am so happy to say that every lady who walks through my door sees what an amazingly beautiful woman she is through the power of boudoir photography!


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